Classical Beauty -
Using the Clean + Easy roller method of wax application ensures a fast, hygienic waxing experience. We use Hemp wax which leaves the skin feeling revitalised and nourished.
Full Leg
Three Quater Leg
Half Leg
Standard Bikini Line
Under Arm
Full Arm
If you have not waxed before we recommend hair growth of at least half a centimetre before treatment. Wear loose clothing and avoid Sun beds for at least 24 hours before and after waxing.
Waxing is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks to achieve best results.
Intimate Waxing
Our Therapists use a flexible hard wax for this delicate area which does not stick to the skin. This reduces skin irritation and redness and gives a more comfortable waxing experience.  After Care gel is provided.
If you have not waxed before we recommend hair growth of around half a centimetre.
 Disposable underwear will be provided but you are welcome to wear your own if you prefer. Please do not wear anything expensive as it may get wax transfer on it.
It is strongly recommended to avoid tight clothing after treatment especially Jeans and Leggings. Waxing is recommended every 4 weeks for best results and for a more comfortable experience.
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